Enveloping & Polywrapping-Fulfilment

Polywrap enclosing

Our state of the art Sitma Polywrap equipment will enclose your magazines, catalogues and newsletters quickly and cost effectively!

  • Up to 15,000 items per hourPolywrap Enclosing
  • A3-A6
  • Inserts (nesting the item into the main piece) or onserts (extra items in-between the carrier and main piece)
  • Clear or printed polythene
  • Biodegradable and compostable films available if required

Envelope enclosing

Our Pitney Bowes and Mailcrafter equipment will collectively enclose up to 40,000 items per hour!Pitney Bowes FPS Mail Inserter

  • C6-C4
  • Up to 8 items per envelope
  • On-line folding
  • On-line camera matching and nesting equipment ­ideally suited to invoice/statement production

We source and fulfill envelopes of all sizes and styles. Whether you simply need us to provide an envelope with a PPI and return address, or whether you need full colour branded envelopes - we ensure the envelope is produced competitively priced, to your specification, and to the specification of our machines!

If you wish to purchase a longer supply of envelopes for a series of mailings we will gladly store your materials in our warehouse.