Case Study 4

15 May 2010

Royal Mail Mailing House Scheme

Mailing Agent

Case Study 4

Description of clients business:

Supplier of fleet management and satellite navigation systems for taxi/private hire companies.

Company Sector:


Synopsis of case study: Navigation and booking system company needed to reach new customers and to update their database of current prospects, to expand their position as leaders in the market for this type of equipment and software.

What was the client’s request?

The client wanted to send an eye catching and modern looking mailings to existing prospects and new prospects highlighting the virtues of the system, as well as offering a special offer to new clients. The mailing must be cost effective and also include multiple response routes, but should not overwhelm the fairly small customer response team.

What advice was offered to the client?

1)    The first issue was to improve the quality of the prospects database.

The current prospects list was well over 12 months old and many companies had moved or changed name or owner. We advised that the data should be processed against the national change of address register, postal address file, and generally cleaned and de-duped. The data file was approx 13,000

2)    In addition to this a new database of taxi and private hire firms should be purchased from a specialised database supplier to give fresh contacts.

Quantity was 20,000

3)    The data was combined with the clean and updated prospects list and de-duplicated against this and also the live customer list.

The result was a new clean database of 21,500 contacts.

4)    The mail service suggested was mailsort 3 deferred as we could break the mailing up into 5 batches of 4000 per week so that the customer service team could market particular geographical areas and avoid becoming swamped with enquiries.

5)    The mail piece personalised was full colour onto 190gsm card that included a free business reply tear off section, as well as email and telephone response routes.

The envelope also contained a return address so that gone aways or movers could be updated on the database.

6)    The Banner text was bold magenta in colour with a picture of a PDA with One FREE PDA with every five you order on the screen.

7)    The Banner FREE PDA’s in bold magenta was also matched to the envelope to make the envelope bold and inviting to open with the special offer visible.

What results did the Client mailing Achieve?

The company were very impressed with the results. The clients received an increase of 270 % during the first 2 months of the campaign receiving 110 responses, compared to 40 in previous mailings.

The response continues to grow by a steadier 60% after the initial 2 months and the client is delighted with the response. The data is cleaned and any returns are removed or updated on the database.

The layout of the mailpiece is changed every 2 months to keep it fresh and different special offers can be advertised.