Case Study 1

04 January 2012

Royal Mail Mailing House Scheme

Mailing Agent

Case Study 1

Description of clients business: Supplier of services and equipment to the gas and central heating industry, and previous regulator of the Register for gas installers.

Company Sector:

Utilities - Gas services

Synopsis of case study:

Customer needed to drive sales from the product catalogue and also direct clients to  the website.

What was the client’s request?

The client wanted to send an eye catching mailing to existing prospects, highlighting the special offers in the brochure and to provide an extra incentive to buy goods within a specified time frame. The mailing must be cost effective and drive clients to a dedicated phone team.

What advice was offered to the client?

1) We had previously helped the client gain accreditation for Mailsort 120 OCR which had not been used by the client on a large scale.

2) The current prospects list was over 12 months old we advised that the data should be processed against the national change of address register, postal address file, and generally cleaned and de-duped. The data file was approx 45,000

3) The Original Catalogue had been sent out via Mailsort and therefore as this was a follow up to the Catalogue we checked with the Clients account manager to see if we could use Mailsort lite for the reminder.

4) The Royal Mail account manager confirmed that this was exactly how Mailsort lite could be utilised.

5) The mail piece was to be a postcard and we were able to work with their design team to ensure that the design conformed to Mailsort 120 OCR Design and clear zone specifications.

6) The front of the card was a large bold £5.00 off voucher, text was bold, yellow and blue

7) The card was personalised on the back a full colour digital process was used to produce the personalised cards onto 190gsm card with a dedicated telephone response route.

8) Approx 22,000 of the customers who had received catalogues but had not ordered any goods were selected to receive the discount vouchers.

What results did the client mailing achieve?

The company were very impressed with the cost effectiveness of this mailing. Effectively it was like receiving double discount on the posting. Firstly the very low cost of the Mailsort 3 120 OCR service, then the additional discount for the Mailsort lite. The client received an increase in sales and the special telephone sales team worked on add on Sales when they were contacted by the clients claiming the discount offer.